Introduction to Clinical Psychology

Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Bridging Science and Practice

9th Edition

  • DATE PUBLISHED: October 2020
  • AVAILABILITY: Available 
  • FORMAT: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781108735797
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Thoroughly updated and revised, the ninth edition of this bestselling textbook introduces students to clinical psychology as a bridge between science and practice. Extensive revisions since the previous edition have resulted in the most accessible, up-to-date and thematically integrated edition of Introduction to Clinical Psychology yet, while maintaining the authority and accessibility students and instructors have come to rely on. Updates include: three new co-authors who are internationally recognized scholar-practitioners; illustrations of how psychologists use evidence-based practices to help clients; the fictional ‘Jackson family’ case studies, providing vivid examples of a family confronting numerous mental health challenges; ‘Thinking Scientifically’ sections in each chapter, which break down how students can think critically with conflicting findings and use them to draw conclusions; ‘In Review’ tables at the end of each major section prompting students to review the material and test their comprehension; and an expanded image program, printed in color for the first time.

  • Includes sections on both major historical influences on the development of the science of clinical psychology and on exciting innovations in the field (such as in technology and other novel delivery models)
  • Highlights the wide range of clinical psychologists’ contributions to research, assessment, and treatment of mental disorder
  • Tells the whole story of activities in the field, including research on assessment and treatment as well as teaching, consulting, and administration