Current Graduate Students

Rebecca Cox, M.A.

Kelly Knowles, B.A.



Kelly Knowles, M.A.

Biographical Sketch: At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kelly was an undergraduate research assistant in the Anxiety lab with Dr. Jon Abramowitz, working on studies involving intrusive thoughts and intolerance of uncertainty in OCD. She also worked in Dr. Sara Algoe’s Emotion and Social Interactions in Relationships lab studying laughter and positive … Continue reading Kelly Knowles, M.A.

Rebecca Cox, M.A.

Biographical Sketch: As an undergraduate research assistant to Drs. Jennifer Peszka and Jennifer Penner at Hendrix College, Rebecca studied the effects of sleep deprivation on mating decisions. She also conducted an independent study under Dr. Tim Maxwell to examine the associations between stimulant abuse and depression, anxiety, and personality facets. Rebecca spent a year as … Continue reading Rebecca Cox, M.A.